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Westchester International Corporation was formed in 1989, of an agreement between its founder, Aloysio Vasconcellos, and Citibank N.A./New York which provided for the continuance of the fiduciary services provided to its portfolio of clients.

Before Westchester, Aloysio Vasconcellos held various positions at Citibank Brasil and New York, serving the international area of ​​large companies. His last job at Citibank was to direct a segment of corporate interests of traditional families in Latin America, Portugal and Spain.

From 1989 to 2000, Westchester International Corporation maintained its headquarters in New York, but moved for strategic reasons to Florida in 2001. It currently operates in the United States, Spain, and Brazil, where it maintains offices to serve the best way, its clientele.

The services offered by Westchester International Corporation quickly evolved from a simple concept of commercial support to a set of sophisticated services that today satisfy all the commercial and financial interests of the clients, all offered in the same place.

The company is always open to listening and understanding the needs of its target audience. Many of the services it offers are fruits of specific requests from its clientele, by exposing needs not met by its traditional suppliers.

In 2006, following this momentum, the office was created in Spain to assist customers' operations in Europe, encouraged by the continuous decline of the Dollar against the Euro.

In 2010, Westchester International  signed a formal agreement with its international partners to create the Westchester Financial Group to expand the range of services provided. The company, which now operates globally by Westchester International and its partners. It is able to provide traditional fiduciary services and structured financial services as well as coordinate investments through a Bahamian Broker / Dealer.

As it progresses, Westchester Financial Group is closely focused on Asia, already partnering with Chinese companies and planning a forthcoming entry into this market.

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