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Building is much harder than destroying. To do nothing, is trust that third parties will decide for you. Building wealth demands time, work and  involvement. Destruction and loss is faster and can come suddenly. Therefore, it is fundamental to have the technical guidance of a specialized company to safeguard your personal and business assets, avoiding its exposure as if it were a sand castle.

Westchester Financial Group is an international reference in Family Business Solutions since 1989. It is a great ally, a true "right arm" of companies, individuals and high-income families.

 Westchester Financial Group's team employs all of its know-how in creating and managing consistent, efficient legal, tax, financial and accounting mechanisms to preserve and enhance the equity of its clients. Its strategies are diverse and its main purpose is the creation of creative solutions and totally focused on the permanent dedication to the specific needs of the target audience. It offers, in fact, a world of possibilities, through strategic alliances with international collaborators. ("One Stop Shop").

In short, Westchester Financial Group develops orderly planning for each client so that they can enjoy tax benefits and save resources, all without or with minimal risk. For this purpose, the transfer of assets and investments to international fiduciary structures.

In order to preserve the interests of its clientele, confidentiality always maintained. The transactions carried out by Westchester Financial Group are always carried out in the light of the relevant legislation, providing specific legal opinions, if requested by the client. All this to take very good care of what belongs to the client by right.


Trust is our greatest asset.


The succession process is usually quite delicate. It's like the sequel to a blockbuster movie. In a dynamic manner, events need to be strategically analyzed and organized, so that the success can be continued  throughout the generations. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to treat the question of succession very carefully and with the guidance of experts in the subject.

Westchester Financial Group has been in business for more than 30 years and has specialized professionals who are able to plan this transition with mastery. Through legal and financial instruments, they are able to create efficient actions to guarantee the continuity of the family with security and harmony, perpetuating inheritance and equalizing the transfer of the inheritance among the heirs.

With the legal and business support of the Westchester Financial Group, the succession process will not create disruptions and losses in the finances of a company or individual. They will have their assets strengthened and expand their businesses.

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Benefiting from the economically more attractive structure of countries offering special taxation is wholly legitimate and desired. With an increasingly globalized world, commercial transactions and investments abroad become, everyday, more commonplace.

Westchester Financial Group has extensive technical knowledge of the tax, accounting, financial and legal tools that govern national and international taxation and is working hard to develop strategic plans whose main purpose is to carry out international operations that provide lower tax burdens and consequently, more favorable to customers.

ThereforThe wealth of an individual, company or family will be increasingly safe and protected from possible risks and challenges that may arise in the future. Westchester Financial Group effectively collaborates to defend the interests of its clients.

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